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Bachelor of Business

Business | Business
Undergraduate Degree
Brisbane, Online

With our Bachelor of Business degree you'll get the knowledge and skills to succeed in any role - whether human resource, business management, accounting, marketing and economics, or even as an entrep…

Associate Degree in Commerce

Business | Business
Undergraduate Degree

The business world offers exciting and rewarding careers for young people with initiative, talent and drive. This program provides a bridge between QIBT Diploma and Griffith Bachelor studies.

University Courses

A bachelor’s degree from a reputable university is vital if you want to succeed in any business environment. These days, degrees are available in variety of formats, from online and correspondence courses to hybrid and classroom-based options. Furthermore, you don’t have to study full-time if you don’t have the time or the inclination because many undergraduate university degrees in Australia are available on a part-time basis. This is ideal for busy professionals who want to study but who can’t afford to stop working.

Now Learning provides access to a wide range of degrees from an equally wide range of Australian universities and colleges. For example, you can get a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting from Open Universities (via distance learning), or you can physically attend a university in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide and complete your undergraduate degree in IT or business management.

If you’re still concerned about committing to a university degree, take heart because Australia has one of the best pathway systems in the world in the form of high quality technical and further education (TAFE) courses. You could complete TAFE courses from the certificate level to diploma or advanced diploma level and use your qualification to enter undergraduate degree programs from a number of Australian universities.

Some of the top universities promoting undergraduate degrees on Now Learning include Murdoch University (based in Perth, WA), Griffith University (with campuses all over Queensland), Swinburne University (based in Melbourne, VIC), and Curtin University (based in Perth and Sydney, NSW).

Use Now Learning’s portal to find a university in Australia that offers the degree courses you’re looking for and get the best education that the country has to offer.