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A country’s strength can be measured by its education system. Traditionally, Australia has a strong education system and the powers that be constantly strive to make it even more so. Now Learning adds to the cause by promoting a wide range of correspondence courses from universities and colleges across the country. Whether you want to find TAFE business management courses online in Melbourne, Vic, classroom-based personal training short courses in Brisbane, Qld, or counselling degrees in Perth, we have the information to help you.

Many people struggle to decide between classroom-based tertiary education in Australia and online study opportunities. We help make the decision easier by providing you with an outline of the various certificate, diploma, and degree courses available online and on-campus from universities in Australia. We also have a resources section that delves deeper into some of the fields of study available, as well as the quality of Australian universities and their online and campus-based courses, and which compares the benefits of campus-based and distance learning, and also provides tips to help you improve your study skills and techniques.

Some of the biggest employment opportunities in Australia are in the business, education and financial planning sectors, so it makes sense to either register for full-time degrees at a university in your territory, or to sign up for online TAFE courses from learning institutes like Open College to supplement your current level of education. These degrees can have direct bearing on your immediate employment prospects, while online short courses, which you can study from home, can have great indirect benefits for your employability in the long-run.

Improve your promotion chances with online TAFE diploma courses or correspondence postgraduate degrees from some of the most respected distance education providers in Australia, or take your photography hobby to the next level with TAFE short courses from the uni of your choice in Adelaide, SA or Perth, WA. Use our course finder to find online and classroom-based vocational training courses, TAFE certificates and diplomas, and degrees in a city near you. Learning never stops; we strive to make it accessible. Check out our Sudent Hub for all Education related news and information.