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Specialist Investment Advisor Course RG146 ASIC accredited

International Institute of Technology is one of Australia's leading private education providers. IIT is a Registered Training Organisation with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) .IIT offer many courses in finance, specifically the ASIC accredited RG146 course, Diploma of Planning and Ad…
Code: RG146 Tier 1 PIP
Location: Online
Category: Banking & Finance
Delivery: Correspondence - Online
Sub Category: Stockbroking
Level: Certificate IV
Cost: $450.00
Duration: 6 months or four day tutorial workshop with pre study

Specialist Investment Advisor Course:

This RG146 accredited course, provides students with a qualification to provide General or General and Personal RG146 advice in PIP (Principles if Investment planning) Derivatives, Securities and Managed Investments. This course forms part of the Diploma of Financial Services (financial planning) qualification. 

*The pre requisiste module of GK or FPP (financial planning in practice or Generic Knowledge) is required before you can commence the PIP (Principles of Investment planning) modules. Depending on whether you require General Advice (GK) or Personal Advice (FPP).

Assessments are by way of short answer questions, multiple choice questions, true false questions and case study/Skills.

Workshop participants can attend a four day workshop for compliance in Personal advice in Derivatives, Securities and Managed Investments or a three day workshop will provide General advice in Derivatives, Securities and Managed Investments.

*Students are required to do pre reading before attending any face to face programs.

IIT (International Institute of Technology) accepts payments by way of Visa/Mastercard,EFT or cheque.

*Pricing listed is for the PIP (Principles of Investment planning) module by distance education only. For pricing on the pre requisite module (FPP) and PIP or workshop prices please contact us.

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