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35 Marketing Courses Found

Marketing is an exciting field that evolves rapidly to keep up with changes in consumer behaviour and technology. You can start building a successful career with nationally accredited marketing courses such as those promoted by Now Learning. Now Learning promotes classroom-based and online marketing courses throughout Australia, including TAFE certificates in marketing, undergraduate and postgraduate marketing degrees, and short marketing courses online, such as marketing communications and social media marketing. There are also digital marketing courses available. A digital marketing course is highly recommended for small business owners who might not be able to afford the services of a professional agency. In this way, they at least have the basic knowledge needed to hold their own online. The range of courses available means that you are almost guaranteed to find a marketing course that suits your needs. Search our site to find an online marketing course or on-campus degree now. 

Marketing has always been challenging because consumers keep changing their demands. These changes can be affected by big events (a global recession) or by trends that slowly insinuate themselves into our lives (social media). Marketing courses give professionals the skills they need to anticipate these changes and, ideally, to pre-empt them. The theoretical and practical skills gained through Australia’s TAFE digital marketing courses and marketing degrees ensure that marketers are fully-equipped to keep their clients at the forefront of consumers’ minds and to keep their products in demand. Now Learning’s classroom-based and online marketing courses are nationally accredited. This means that you can trust the quality of whichever marketing course you choose. Course providers that promote their marketing courses online with Now Learning include Open Colleges, the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Business and Economics, and Deakin University Australia. Open Colleges specialises in correspondence courses, so you can take an online marketing course which is flexible enough to suit your busy lifestyle. This is also a good way to complete a short digital marketing course, as a complement to your other marketing qualifications.

Browse our selection of full-time or part-time marketing courses. Our on-campus courses can be found anywhere in Australia, from New South Wales to Western Australia and everywhere in between. The online marketing courses can, naturally, be completed no matter which city you call home.