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Engineering is a wide field that attracts people with all kinds of interests, from chemical nuts to metal heads. Metal heads tend to register for metallurgical or mining engineering courses, while chemical nuts try their hand at chemical or biomedical engineering. Now Learning promotes an array of online and classroom-based engineering courses in Australia, including TAFE diplomas in electrical engineering and undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in mechanical engineering.

Diploma of Engineering

Engineering | Engineering

What? Diploma of Engineering ? The Diploma consists of Deakin's first year degree units and is a broad course, equipping you with the skills and knowledge required for a full spectrum of opportuni…

Certificate IV Tertiary Preparation Program

Business | Business Administration
Certificate IV

QIBT offers a Certificate IV program which provides a bridge between secondary school and undergraduate studies.

Diploma of Engineering

Engineering | Engineering

Engineers are integral to today’s changing world in many ways, from the planning, design, management and construction of civil engineering projects to designing electronic circuits and systems.

Engineers are in demand in Australia, so completing engineering courses makes sound professional, not to mention financial, sense. Some of the most popular fields of study include mining engineering courses and mechanical engineering courses, but there are plenty of other industries that need top class engineers, including aviation, construction, software and biomechanics. Australia’s thriving film industry also requires its fair share of sound engineers.

Now Learning promotes engineering courses from some of the best tertiary education providers in Australia, including Deakin University, Melbourne Institute of Business & Technology, and Queensland Institute of Business & Technology. Some of the courses on offer include:

  • Diploma of Engineering, whose units of study include electrical systems, engineering materials, engineering physics, mathematical modelling, applied algebra and statistics, and programming for engineers.
  • Bachelor of Engineering, whose majors include civil engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, and mechatronics and robotics engineering.
  • Master of Engineering, which allows graduates to further their studies in their chosen area of specialisation.

Engineering has always been a highly respected field, right up there with medicine and law. After all, without engineers we’d have no roads, no cities, no infrastructure, and no space program. So why don’t you sign up for an engineering course and make your parents proud, while making a significant contribution to the well-being of the country.

Search our site to find nationally accredited engineering courses throughout Australia, including mechanical engineering in Sydney, civil engineering in Melbourne and electrical engineering in Brisbane.

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