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As Australia’s most easily recognisable city, Sydney attracts a vast number of students from around Australia and across the globe. They come for the beautiful sights, the eclectic culture and, of course, the world-class standard of education. There is no end to the study opportunities, as Sydney is jam-packed with universities and TAFE institutes, including the University of Sydney (Australia’s oldest university) and Sydney Institute of Technology. TAFE courses in Sydney come courtesy of TAFE NSW, which has institutes in North Sydney, South Western Sydney, Western Sydney, and the heart of Sydney.

The University of Sydney has several campuses dotted around Sydney, including several medical school campuses, a music campus, and campuses devoted to specific fields, such as health sciences and business. There is more than enough room to study an array of courses in Sydney, such as veterinary science, rehabilitation counselling, languages, philosophy, business analysis, chemical and biomolecular engineering, and geoscience.

Certain courses from TAFE NSW can be used as pathways to some universities in Australia, for example, certificate IV in horticulture could take you to Charles Sturt University, a diploma in communication and media could take you to the University of Western Sydney, and a diploma in applied fashion design and technology could take you to the University of Technology Sydney.

Most of the universities, colleges and institutes in Sydney offer online and classroom-base courses. In some cases, certain aspects of certain courses aren’t suited to online learning. In these instances, hybrid courses, or blended learning, are the solution. They combine theoretical online learning with practical lessons, giving students the best of both worlds. While most TAFE courses and university degrees are strictly structured (set registration dates, start dates, exam dates, and closing dates), some courses offer more flexibility. Find out about OTEN courses in Sydney if you don’t like to be dictated to by someone else’s agenda.

Use Now Learning’s course finder and find TAFE certificates and degrees courses in Sydney. But, be warned, the choice is so great that you might have a difficult time making up your mind.