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Certificate II in Information, Digital media and Technology

Open Colleges is Australia's oldest and most respected provider of Online and distance education courses. We deliver over 150 online and distance education courses, including an extensive range of nationally recognised certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas. …
Code: E0167
Location: Online
Category: IT
Delivery: Correspondence - Online
Sub Category: Information Technology
Level: Certificate II
Duration: Max 12 months


Open Colleges is Australia's oldest and most respected provider of Online and distance education courses. We deliver over 150 online and distance education courses, including an extensive range of nationally recognised certificates, diplomas ande advanced diplomas..  


The Open Colleges difference:

  • Nationally accredited: This ensures your qualification is recognised by industry around Australia.
  • Start today! Open Colleges courses offer you ultimate flexibility. There is no need to attend classes at a campus or wait for an intake or start date. You can start your course whenever it suits you!
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  • Benefit from 100 years of history: Open Colleges has been delivering distance education to Australians for more than 100 years. Join over 700,000 Australians who have studied with Open Colleges. Unlike many other institutions, we are specialists in distance learning.
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  • Affordable fees: Open Colleges provides you with a range of different payment plan options. You can pay upfront and get a discount on your fees or you can choose to pay by instalment – including weekly, fortnightly and monthly options.
  • Articulation opportunities: Once you have completed this course, you may receive credit if you wish to pursue further education.


The nationally recognised ICA20111 Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology provides foundation computing and digital media skills. After learning how to use computer operating systems and hardware, you'll develop skills in the use of various software applications and gain an understanding of how to work effectively in an IT environment.

You will also explore the use of different social media tools and digital imaging techniques.

With more than half of Australian businesses surveyed intending to hire IT staff*, the ICA20111 Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology  could be your pathway to an entry-level role within a small to medium sized organisation.

Potential career outcomes:

•Office assistant
•Records assistant
•Junior office support

Education entry requirements

There are no formal education entry requirements for this qualification.

Minimum age requirements

You will need to be at least 16 years old. If you are under 18 your enrolment form will need to be signed by a parent or guardian.

English language requirements

This course requires you to read learner workbooks and textbooks, undertake a range of written assessments, participate in workplace activities and engage in online forums and discussions. Furthermore, the delivery mode relies on the extensive use of written communication. As such, entry to the course requires the successful completion of English to Year 10 level.

If you have not successfully completed English at Year 10 level, you can demonstrate equivalency with one of the following:
◦successful completion of a Nationally Recognised Training qualification at Certificate II level or higher; OR
◦2 years’ relevant industry experience in a role that requires the use of written documentation and communication.

Open Colleges recognises that not all people are able to read, write and perform calculations to the same standard. To help give you an idea of the language, literacy and numeracy skills required to study this course, you can undertake the online Language, Literacy and Numeracy tool available at the link above.

Computing requirements

Hardware and software requirements:

All users:
◦Microsoft Office 2010 or equivalent
◦broadband internet connection
◦2GB of RAM
◦CD-ROM or DVD drive
◦Adobe Reader XI or equivalent
◦printer and associated software
◦scanner and associated software
◦digital imaging software
◦file compression software.

Windows users:
◦Microsoft Windows 7 or higher (Windows 8 recommended)
◦1 Ghz or faster processer (2GHz recommended)
◦Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher.

Mac OS users:
◦Mac OSX v10.5 or higher (Mac OSX v10.6 recommended)
◦1 Ghz or faster processer (2GHz recommended)
◦Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher.

Audio-visual requirements:

You will need access to a digital camera to save and upload image and video files to OpenSpace. Many mobile phones and smartphones include this technology.

Other requirements:

You will need access to software to view online videos and images. Software such as Adobe Reader, Windows Media Player, Windows Photo Viewer etc are available as a download from the internet.

Skill requirements:

To successfully complete this course, you will require basic computing skills. This includes:
◦creating, saving and editing Microsoft Office documents
◦accessing and searching the internet
◦downloading and saving documents from websites
◦uploading documents through websites
◦participating in online discussions
◦connecting digital cameras and downloading and storing images
◦connecting digital video devices and downloading and storing videos
◦compressing image files.


ICAICT201A: Use computer operating systems and hardware

◦ ICAICT203A: Operate application software packages

◦ BSBOHS201A: Participate in OHS processes

◦ BSBUS201A: Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

◦ ICAICT205A: Design basic organisational documents using computing packages

◦ ICAICT202A: Work and communicate effectively in an IT environment

◦ ICAICT206A: Install software applications

◦ ICASAS206A: Detect and protect from spam and destructive software

◦ ICAICT204A: Operate a digital media technology package

◦ ICPMM321C: Capture a digital image

◦ CUFDIG303A: Produce and prepare photo images

◦ ICAWEB201A: Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement

◦ ICAICT207A: Integrate commercial computing packages

◦ ICAICT210A: Operate database applications


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